Where is the Fridge?

As summer comes to an abrupt end for me today, I prepare for what I thought was going to be a rough morning. I woke up today and got right down to business. I ate first (before I puked from lack of food), made my husband’s lunch, got ready, and left EARLY to run an errand. So far so good!

As I began to pack my bag for work, I noticed something happening in my belly. GROWL GROWL GROWL!!!!! “Uh oh….I’m hungry….but I just ate.”

And then it hit me…..like when I hit my head on the freezer door!!!!!


This terrifies me. Not because I’m afraid I won’t have food, but because if I don’t have food, I will dry heave until food gets in my stomach. Who wants to deal with that at work?

Well, I did my best to pack a good lunch and SEVERAL snacks for the first day back. But honestly, I don’t think it’s enough. I’ve been eating Frosted Mini Wheats like every hour up until dinner….then every hour after dinner (on top of other snacks). They were very helpful in keeping me satisfied.

Also, pee breaks…..I’ll just leave that there…..

How do teachers do this pregnancy thing without puking all the time and getting UTIs from holding your bladder?? Or having “accidents” on yourself? I know there is a way. And you know, maybe I will figure it out before Baby J comes sliding out of me. But until then, pray for me y’all!!!!!


Short Testimony/Encouragement

I love my husband!

I love how he is so patient and gracious with me. He treats me like I am the Queen of the world! He loves me so well, despite when I have crazy moments…which is often.

I love how my husband supports my dreams and passions! He encourages me in them, even when I don’t feel confident to pursue them.

That’s how you want your person to be…

You don’t want someone in your life who constantly belittles you and what you care about. You shouldn’t feel bad about certain visions or dreams that God gave you. How dare you not walk in what the Lord has given you because your significant other opposes!! Don’t disrespect God or yourself like that.

I had a past relationship where this was the case. I felt so stupid most of the time. I felt that my concerns, passions, and dreams were illegitimate. Since I thought this guy was for me, I settled. I thought “Maybe he’s right. Maybe this is stupid.” Oh you silly girl…if I had only had the guts to be myself back then…

I was so afraid to be myself…to walk in where God was leading me…

BUT…….The Lord is good, isn’t He?

He handled that situation graciously for me. He got me out of it and He reminded me of how special I am to Him. He brought back those passions and dreams of mine to the forefront of my mind and allowed me to meet someone whose passions and dreams were almost identical! What a joy it is to geek out with my husband about things we love to geek out about! It brings tears to my eyes to know that the Lord cares so much about us that He places special passions and dreams within us and THEN allows us to marry someone who supports and encourages us in those!! All for His glory! What a good God…

Settling is one of the most dangerous things we can do to ourselves. Never settle for someone who doesn’t embrace the WHOLE person that you are. Never be okay with someone saying that your dreams, goals, and passions don’t matter as much as theirs, or at all. You matter. Every aspect of you matters.

Just a little encouragement that was inspired by a wonderful conversation with a dear friend. This encouraged me and reminded me of how God looks out for us, and how we need to listen when He is throwing red flags in our faces. God doesn’t want us to be destroyed. He wants us to prosper in many ways, ESPECIALLY spiritually.

Thanks for reading!


I Just Told My OB I’m Having A Home Birth!!

In my recent extensive research on home births versus hospital births, I have decided that it is much better for me to give birth at home. I have found that there is a huge community of people who agree and support this viewpoint but view who do outside of that community. I want to make something clear though, I am not anti-hospitals or medicine. I completely see the need for hospitals and am so thankful for modern day medicine. What I am getting at is that hospitals and medicine are unnecessary for most births. I acknowledge that there are cases where intervention is absolutely necessary. But I’m not talking about those cases. I recognize that doctors are necessary for if something goes wrong. Again, I’m not talking about those cases. In fact, statistically, things rarely go wrong during a birth where the mom and baby are healthy. 

Birth is something that a woman’s body was perfectly designed to carry out. Yes, sometimes things go wrong. Yes, it is very, very difficult to endure. But, we do endure. I have been so encouraged, through several resources, people, and my own midwife, that I was made to do this and as long as there are no serious complications I will be just fine. It will be hard but not impossible! God created my body to stretch and do all the other things it needs to to grow and birth a human. How beautiful is that picture?

I started seeing an OBGYN when I first found out I was pregnant. A few weeks (maybe a month) after that, I found the perfect midwife. She is a godly woman who is good at what she does. I felt very satisfied with my OB care and my midwife’s. But I knew I’d have to tell my doctor sooner or later that I was now planning a home birth. 

I’m apart of different mom/labor/parenting support groups on Facebook and have heard/read horror stories of people having fights with doctors and nurses because of their decision to have a midwife and home birth. I was terrified at the idea of telling my OB that I am planning a home birth because I didn’t want to feel “bullied” into choosing a hospital birth. I actually asked for advice and was told “just stop scheduling appointments with your OB.” That’s a very passive way to do it but, hey, you don’t have to talk to anyone! I tried that route and I got asked to come in for an appointment today. I couldn’t just woman-up and tell my doctor to his face before. Well, today was the day. 

I prayed and asked my midwife for advice. I was most nervous of being called “foolish” or being told that my baby is going to die if I have her at home, as these are some of the horror stories I was told that actually happened to women. I did plenty of good research and I know that this is the right decision for our family. I just want to be respected in that. When I got to the office, I met with the nurse and told her my birth plans. She hesitated a bit and asked if I told the doctor. “No. I will tell him today.” I said bashfully. Oh no!! Here comes the judgment and rudeness. I braced myself and waited. The nurse just informed me that I need to talk to the doc about this, as I cannot continue care with both him and my midwife. Fair enough. Once she took my blood pressure, I asked “do you know if doc supports midwifery care and home birth?” I was nervous for the answer but to my surprise, she said he does. He actually has a midwife at the hospital who he works with. What a sigh of relief!! 

When he came in and checked me, the topic was finally put on the table. I told him my plans and he was extremely supportive of them. He went on to tell me that midwives are better suited to deliver babies versus an OB. He let me know that an OB is very helpful for surgical procedures and other things, that they are there IF intervention is necessary (he mentioned that if I needed to be transferred that it doesn’t mean automatic c-section and that my wishes will still be taken into account and respected, including having a med-free birth) , but at the end of he day the woman deliver the baby and does all the work, not the OB. He also told me that babies being born at hospitals became a thing so that hospitals can make more money!! I knew this but I couldn’t believe I was hearing this from a doctor!! I let him know that I was nervous to tell him and am glad he’s supportive. He told me that they are supportive and can’t hate me for my decisions and that if I need a hospital when I give birth, they are there for me! He was so gentle and kind. This made me like and respect him even more!!

Unfortunately, for legal reasons, I can’t see him and my midwife at the same time. So I won’t be seeing that awesome OB at Spectrum Health anymore. But I want to give him a shoutout because I knew that there were doctors out there that were supportive of midwifery care and home birth. I just never thought I’d be so fortunate as to meet one and be cared for by one!! Praise the Lord for doctors like him!! He also mentioned how an OB is unecessary for births unless there is a surgical procedure (or another difficult intervention) that needs to happen. He spoke very professionally about all of this and made me feel so comfortable and smart with my decision. Before I left the office he said, “I don’t blame you,” regarding my birth plans. He encouraged me to stay healthy (eat right) and all shall be well. This guy didn’t speak negatively about doctors or medicine, nor did he speak badly on midwifery care and home births. God was so good to me in sending me a doctor like him. 

I want to encourage other mamas or women who want to have babies someday. Having a midwife and a home birth are very safe options for bringing a child into this world. If intervention is not necessary, there is no reason to birth at a hospital if that is not what you want. If you choose to have a home birth with a midwife, be confident in that and just know that you are supported. You are supported by the community that supports me, you are supported by midwives and doulas, you are supported by experienced home birth mamas, and you are supported by OBGYNs like my doc. So, go for it. Do your research, of course, but don’t be afraid to make the decision to birth at home if that is your desire. 
Thanks for reading!!


It’s been a little over a month since I’ve created a post on here. 

“Why so long, Jaz?”

Well, I’ve been busy…though that isn’t an excuse to not work on my craft and update my peeps. 

The day after my last post, I participated in a two-week women’s discipleship program that changed my life. My mother-in-law puts this program on every year. Last year I could only participate part-time. This year I got to be apart of it full-time….and it was amazing!!!

It was so humbling being around and learning from such godly women. Through the program, I learned how to study the Bible better, how to offer help, how to pray better, and just how to take my Christian life as serious as it truly is. 

God has placed urgency in my heart for studying His word, prayer, and not being ashamed of the gospel. I’m so humbled and awake!

After the program ended, it seemed like I had a long list of things to do…everyday (managing a household and all)! Next thing you know, I look up and a month has passed. This is a testament of how quickly time flies and that we shouldn’t waste it. Anywho, I am ready to jump back in the saddle and write more often. 

There are so many things that I want to share with you all. For example, God has been answering my prayers left and right and that is such a huge testimony!! It has humbled me and increased my faith in Him. He’s so perfect. He is a prayer-answering God! 

I also want to give you updates on God’s perfect provision for our family and others we pray for. Aaannnnddd the little one growing inside of me! I’d like to let you guys know about things like my first big “the baby doesn’t like this” puke. I had one yesterday. It was horrible! But, I felt better after. No more Taco Bell for this chick. Baby says “nah son!” 

Well, enough of my scattered thoughts. I shall be going now. I have homework to complete for bible study. I hope to publish another post this week or next though.

Until next time bloggers & readers 🙂
Stay encouraged and connected. Thanks for reading!

God Bless!

Flat Tire, Baby Kicks, & Involuntary Squats

Wow, wow, WOW! What an exciting week. This week was the last week for our kiddos at school and my last week of work. SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!!

I am thrilled to start the summer because I am loving the heat and I have lots to look forward to and prepare for this summer. But first, let’s recap the week.

Actually, I’m pregnant so I can’t remember much of what happened at the beginning of the week (lol….so serious). However, the highlight of my week was feeling my precious baby girl kick! It is the most incredible and miraculous feeling! I am so grateful for her. Those kicks made me feel so much more connected to her. The best thing about finally feeling her kick is that she does it all the time now! Eeee!!! I love feeling her move around in my tummy. Some of my students also got the chance to feel her kick. Oh, the excitement they had when they felt baby J. ❤ #goodmoments

This week was the slowest week of work YET, but it ended with a day at the park. Upper and lower elementary students got to spend most of the day at our local park playing games, running around, and enjoying a glimpse of what summer has to offer. Unfortunately, that morning wasn’t so great for me. It started just fine, but on my way to work, I noticed that I had a flat tire. This was totally unexpected since we had just purchased this tire the previous day. For some reason, I didn’t check the tires before I drove off (even though this same tire looked flat the day husband bought them) and I didn’t realize it was flat until I had driven a half mile away from my house. Darn. This had to happen the one day I was going to be EARLY for work for the first time in weeks (lol)! Well, life happens. God perfectly provided help within the next half hour of me contacting my in-laws for help. AAA came to the rescue, changed my tire, gave me a jump (because my battery stinks), and I headed to the park with the school. [SIDENOTE: I’m grateful for how calm I was during this flat tire episode. Normally, I’d be freaking out or worrying for no reason. The Lord is working on me yall!!]

Being at the park was nice. Despite a few behavior problems, it was so fun to see the kids play and have fun. I was in charge of the Three-Legged-Race. Classes would come to me, partner up, listen to the rules, get tied up, and have at it! They did so well!! Everything about this race was fun except for the involuntary squats I ended up doing (my thighs are feeling it today!!). I blindly chose to tie the rope around each team’s ankle before the race instead of figuring out another method. We had four teams for each round….for 15-minute rotations….which meant students in smaller classes raced several times in one rotation. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say that I had to do this at least 40 times. There was a point when I thought “I’m going to feel this tomorrow,” and here I am..walking like a pregnant lady…and not because I am actually pregnant! Despite the pain I am feeling today, I am grateful for another day and very grateful that the school year is over. It was a rough one but a good one. Here’s to a great summer ahead! *Cheers*

I am really looking forward to preparing for baby J this summer. I need to make up her nursery area, plan a shower, read more books, pray for her more, get books for her, and so much more. I also need to prepare for my natural homebirth that I am planning. Praying that all goes well and baby J will be delivered safely in our home. There is so much to anticipate, yet so much that is out of my control. I am trusting the Lord for His perfect work in my life and a smooth summer. In Jesus’ name.

Stay tuned for summer fun updates right here on the blog!

Peace!! ❤


Throughout my young life, I’ve had MANY friendships. I’ve had good ones, bad ones, crazy ones, and random ones. I’ve also had some very short friendships and others that are still going strong after 4, 8, and 15+ years. 

I am very much an extrovert. I can have an awesome conversation with a random person almost anywhere. I’ve gained friends just by saying “hello” to a random person on campus. But, the point of this post is not to boast about how many friends I have or how easy it is for me to make friends. Instead, I just want to reflect on the friendships that have lasted throughout the years and look at how they were maintained. 

My husband always says that I have a ton of friends. I do have a lot of Facebook friends but that’s only because I befriended a bunch of randos when I started on Facebook as a teen (I delete people like everyday lol). Whenever my husband says this I am immediately reminded of my true friends. My true friends aren’t just the ones who have been around a while, but they are the ones who care and who show it. 

I’ve been thinking about the people in my life lately and evaluating who is a true friend and who is just an acquaintance. The older I get, the more I see my real peeps. That being said, I want to make an effort to maintain those friendships. This includes making time to see them, talk to them, encourage them, pray for them, and support them. It’s easy to call someone a friend, but being a friend isn’t that easy. It takes work and I am willing to do what I can to maintain relationships that I feel like God ordained. 

In recent years, I’ve gained unexpected friendships that bring me so much joy. I felt so connected to these people early on. All of my friends are so loving and supportive. The new ones and the OGs. They’re funny, encouraging, unique, and special. I’ve learned to really admire and appreciate my friends and their qualities and quirks that make them so amazing. I’ve learned to embrace the differences between some of my friends and me and that makes our friendship stronger. 

This post seems very random but I’d been thinking on it for a while because of a friendship that bloomed out of nowhere and because of my lasting friendships I’ve been able to enjoy. Also, I’m just kind of forced to think on these things as I move to different phases in life. 

Anyway, I want to encourage you all to evaluate your friendships and challenge yourself and ask “Have I been a good friend?” Making new friends is fine, but nurture the awesome people you already have in your life. 
Pray for me as I pray for my friends. 

-Thanks for reading! 🙂

Don’t accept the mundane!

In a life full of to-dos, long work hours, and meetings, it is very difficult to slow down. Not only that, but we get so wrapped up in our mundane routines of everyday life that we run on autopilot. Routines are necessary, but so is spontaneity. The mundane takes the opportunity to enjoy every moment away from us.

I’ve been living this life since I graduated college. I’ve had some vivid moments where I was on cloud 9 with whatever I had been experiencing (getting married, seeing an old friend, etc), but I’ve mostly been on autopilot for a few years now. The danger of autopilot is that it seems to speed life up and it can take you to a place where you will feel like your life has no direction. You will think things like “What am I doing with my life?” “I need to get my life together.” These thoughts are okay, but if you don’t let them go they can lead to stress, anxiety, worry, and other things your body just doesn’t need.

In order to get off of autopilot, these are some things that help me to slow down, take a step back, and appreciate life and living:

Realizing where I am and being okay with it until God moves me forward

What am I doing in life? Am I doing it well? Am I content? Being content where you are is a great gift you can give yourself.

Stop and appreciate the little things

Lazy Friday afternoons after work are the best. Going out to eat without worrying about finances is a good treat. Admiring the trees always gives me peace. I need to intentionally make time for these things and others.

Love better, which includes spending more quality time with the folks I love the most

Loving better includes loving all people better. But also, the older I get, the more I see who my true friends are. Instead of putting effort into making new friends, I will love on the ones I have. If new friendship opportunities arise, I won’t turn them down. I want to make an effort to be in constant communication with my family. It’s so easy to say “I’ll call my sister another time.” But it’s so good to have that 2-hour conversation with her randomly. 🙂

Always write ❤

One of my life goals is to be a part-time blogger. If not that, just a more serious blogger. I am nowhere near reaching that goal. However, if I make a commitment to write MORE who knows where God will lead me?

Pray and meditate more

My Lord is my Life and without Him I am nothing. I’ve tried living without Jesus and it is no fun. My relationship with God is the most important and I must nurture it like any other important relationship.

Don’t be uptight

Sometimes, I get upset over spilled milk. My husband can testify to this. Getting upset over spilled milk causes unnecessary stress and anger and ruins really great moments. Life is too short for this.

Genuinely enjoy life and all that comes with it

We only get one life to live. Why waste it on a mundane lifestyle or not doing things that you love? I am choosing to do the opposite and live as loud as the Lord allows.

Here’s to a better, more focused, and fun life ahead!!!

How do you say no to the mundane and live to the fullest? Share any thoughts you have! 🙂


Peace & Blessings


Why I Like Fridays

Rarely do I get the chance to come home, take my pants off, pick a lounging spot, and spend time enjoying every spoonful of my butter pecan ice cream as slowly as I want to. Ah! It feels good.

I’m currently sitting on my bed as the window behind me lets in the beauty of the sunshine and the warmth of the heat. “Summer is coming ever so gently,” I say in my mind.

I love these moments when I can take a step back, sit down, and enjoy the NOW. I am reflecting and I am being where I am. I am becoming content and choosing not to worry about anything at this moment.

I don’t have to fill my mind with checklists or rush to do anything right now because it’s Friday and almost the evening. I had plans but they’re up in the air now. So, I’ll just sit around, and enjoy doing just that.

These moments. Rare. Short. Good.

“I need to take more time like this.”

I get to really think about and talk to my baby while choosing not to worry about preparations I have to make for the little one. Not now, Jazmin. Be in the moment.

I love Fridays when I have nothing to do and just the weekend to look forward to.

Relax. Enjoy Life. Enjoy Today. Enjoy Now. ❤

Thanks for reading! 🙂

The Beginning of Weird?

Last night I experienced something I will never be able to again…well, perhaps I might.

I took my growing baby out of me and held HIM. How sweet the moment was.

Before you think I am crazy, I’ll mention now that I had a dream that I got to take my baby out of me to see and hold him. Here’s how it happened:

It was a dark and stormy night in my neighborhood and I seemed very pregnant. I had become so attached to my growing child at this point and I was getting anxious to meet him or her. Thinking of my beautiful child, I placed my hand on the left side of my belly and could feel his or her heartbeat. I had to see my baby! So, the only logical thing to do was to take the baby out of me….through my vagina (no pain in my dream!). I pulled him out and took a good look at him. He was beautiful. I loved him so much after taking one look at him. He didn’t look like me or my husband.  He did look like he was of Latin decent though…not sure what that’s about. Regardless of the weird that happened there, it was a beautiful moment for us.

After getting to see my baby boy a minute, I decided that since he was only 18-20 weeks old, I had to put him back in me to bake longer (even though he was as big and developed as a 5 month old). After I put him back in, I felt for his heartbeat again. This time, it was on the right side of my belly. I felt the same joy I had when I first felt his heartbeat. I was content and satisfied. “How nice” I thought. And all was well in dreamland.

What in the craziest dreams? As beautiful as some parts were, this was a super weird dream. I’ve heard that when you’re pregnant you have weird dreams. So, I guess this is the beginning of weird? I’ll be sure to share any other weird dreams I have with you all.

Got any weird stories? Share them below! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Hi all!!

I am officially four months and I finally have a baby bump that appeared approximately two days ago!! I now know what other moms mean by “you get bigger overnight!” It’s true! Sunday, I didn’t look pregnant. Today, I look like I’ve been here a while. Holy moly!! This makes everything so much more real for me and husband. I keep thinking “wow, this child will have to come out someway…..” Husband is probably thinking “wow, there is a person in there!” Haha it’s so fun going on this journey with my dear husband. 

I am so grateful to have been given this baby. I am praying that I am the mother that this baby needs and that Benny is father he or she needs. Parenthood is a scary thought, but it is such a high honor. I just hope I can be a good one. 

My Lord, have mercy on me and Ben. Bless us to be the parents you’ve called us to be. Bless us to raise this child up in love and Your truth. Provide all that we need. Give us parental wisdom, patience, and love. May we serve You everyday and may we raise our child to do the same. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen!