You Wouldn’t Believe This!


Have you ever heard of drain flies? They’re not gnats or fruit flies. They are also known as moth flies. They are about double the size of a moth with fuzzy bodies and big dumbo wings. Yeah, sounds gross. They don’t bite (hallelujah!!!) but they are INCREDIBLY annoying, seem to pop up out of the blue, and if you see two, there’s probably 100 more where they came from. Today, I killed 7 in the morning (the actual number is probably more). So, we have an infestation. These flies hang out in old, clogged pipes. So, it has little to do with cleanliness. If you know me, you know that I hate all things bugs. They discuss me…especially bugs that seem to COME OUT OF NOWHERE. Jesus!! Help!! I feel like I’m going nuts over here! My husband never sees the flies, so he thinks it’s in my head! “Baaaaaabbbeee! I promise I’m not crazy” were my exact words to him a few nights ago. So what we gone do about this?

I’ve been doing a lot of research these last 24 hours and have discovered that they are in fact real, and there is no way to get rid of them except to burn your house down……………………………………………………..just kidding lol!! There is a solution!!!!!!!!!! The drains need to be physically cleaned. That includes doing the following:

  • Use a pipe brush and a plumbing snake to get rid of the breeding grounds (yuck!)
  • Using gel cleaner behind that to get the rest of the organic matter out (organic matter??)
  • Use a plunger to get the rest of the matter out of there (what in the…?!?!?)

Bruh, who bout to do all dat? Not I, said the DRAIN fly!!

Shout out to awesome landlords who care though! I was going to try to fix this issue on my own, but then I decided that I couldn’t. My mother and mother-in-law helped me make that decision. So, I sent my landlord a message and she got right on it! You da best!!


Stay tuned to read about what happens next!!


Until next time…




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