I have light skin and kinky hair

I cannot trace my roots back to Africa

My maternal grandmother is from the deep South

My maternal grandfather is from the North

My great-grandmother was Native American (God rest her soul)

I never met my great-grandfather who gave me my Irish maiden name

He was Black

I am from Detroit

People tell me that I’m not “actually” from Detroit or I don’t “seem like” I’m from there….meaning what?

I attended a Predominantly White Institution for undergrad

I speak my Black vernacular and the language of wider communication the same

I am an unapologetically Black Woman married to a white man who is blonde with blue eyes- half Norwegian, half Irish

I am a Black Christian among many white conservative Christians…many of them like trump. I think he’s awful

I believe and support Black Lives Matter

I have friends and family who say all lives matter

Most times I feel like I belong

Other times, I feel the need to defend

I am a lover of all people

I am complex due to my complex background

I am unique

I am made in the image of God

I AM Black

I am me.


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