Growing, Growing, Growing!

Hi all!!

I am officially four months and I finally have a baby bump that appeared approximately two days ago!! I now know what other moms mean by “you get bigger overnight!” It’s true! Sunday, I didn’t look pregnant. Today, I look like I’ve been here a while. Holy moly!! This makes everything so much more real for me and husband. I keep thinking “wow, this child will have to come out someway…..” Husband is probably thinking “wow, there is a person in there!” Haha it’s so fun going on this journey with my dear husband. 

I am so grateful to have been given this baby. I am praying that I am the mother that this baby needs and that Benny is father he or she needs. Parenthood is a scary thought, but it is such a high honor. I just hope I can be a good one. 

My Lord, have mercy on me and Ben. Bless us to be the parents you’ve called us to be. Bless us to raise this child up in love and Your truth. Provide all that we need. Give us parental wisdom, patience, and love. May we serve You everyday and may we raise our child to do the same. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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      Thank you!!!!

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