Why I Like Fridays

Rarely do I get the chance to come home, take my pants off, pick a lounging spot, and spend time enjoying every spoonful of my butter pecan ice cream as slowly as I want to. Ah! It feels good.

I’m currently sitting on my bed as the window behind me lets in the beauty of the sunshine and the warmth of the heat. “Summer is coming ever so gently,” I say in my mind.

I love these moments when I can take a step back, sit down, and enjoy the NOW. I am reflecting and I am being where I am. I am becoming content and choosing not to worry about anything at this moment.

I don’t have to fill my mind with checklists or rush to do anything right now because it’s Friday and almost the evening. I had plans but they’re up in the air now. So, I’ll just sit around, and enjoy doing just that.

These moments. Rare. Short. Good.

“I need to take more time like this.”

I get to really think about and talk to my baby while choosing not to worry about preparations I have to make for the little one. Not now, Jazmin. Be in the moment.

I love Fridays when I have nothing to do and just the weekend to look forward to.

Relax. Enjoy Life. Enjoy Today. Enjoy Now. ❤

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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