Don’t accept the mundane!

In a life full of to-dos, long work hours, and meetings, it is very difficult to slow down. Not only that, but we get so wrapped up in our mundane routines of everyday life that we run on autopilot. Routines are necessary, but so is spontaneity. The mundane takes the opportunity to enjoy every moment away from us.

I’ve been living this life since I graduated college. I’ve had some vivid moments where I was on cloud 9 with whatever I had been experiencing (getting married, seeing an old friend, etc), but I’ve mostly been on autopilot for a few years now. The danger of autopilot is that it seems to speed life up and it can take you to a place where you will feel like your life has no direction. You will think things like “What am I doing with my life?” “I need to get my life together.” These thoughts are okay, but if you don’t let them go they can lead to stress, anxiety, worry, and other things your body just doesn’t need.

In order to get off of autopilot, these are some things that help me to slow down, take a step back, and appreciate life and living:

Realizing where I am and being okay with it until God moves me forward

What am I doing in life? Am I doing it well? Am I content? Being content where you are is a great gift you can give yourself.

Stop and appreciate the little things

Lazy Friday afternoons after work are the best. Going out to eat without worrying about finances is a good treat. Admiring the trees always gives me peace. I need to intentionally make time for these things and others.

Love better, which includes spending more quality time with the folks I love the most

Loving better includes loving all people better. But also, the older I get, the more I see who my true friends are. Instead of putting effort into making new friends, I will love on the ones I have. If new friendship opportunities arise, I won’t turn them down. I want to make an effort to be in constant communication with my family. It’s so easy to say “I’ll call my sister another time.” But it’s so good to have that 2-hour conversation with her randomly. 🙂

Always write ❤

One of my life goals is to be a part-time blogger. If not that, just a more serious blogger. I am nowhere near reaching that goal. However, if I make a commitment to write MORE who knows where God will lead me?

Pray and meditate more

My Lord is my Life and without Him I am nothing. I’ve tried living without Jesus and it is no fun. My relationship with God is the most important and I must nurture it like any other important relationship.

Don’t be uptight

Sometimes, I get upset over spilled milk. My husband can testify to this. Getting upset over spilled milk causes unnecessary stress and anger and ruins really great moments. Life is too short for this.

Genuinely enjoy life and all that comes with it

We only get one life to live. Why waste it on a mundane lifestyle or not doing things that you love? I am choosing to do the opposite and live as loud as the Lord allows.

Here’s to a better, more focused, and fun life ahead!!!

How do you say no to the mundane and live to the fullest? Share any thoughts you have! 🙂


Peace & Blessings



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