Flat Tire, Baby Kicks, & Involuntary Squats

Wow, wow, WOW! What an exciting week. This week was the last week for our kiddos at school and my last week of work. SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!!

I am thrilled to start the summer because I am loving the heat and I have lots to look forward to and prepare for this summer. But first, let’s recap the week.

Actually, I’m pregnant so I can’t remember much of what happened at the beginning of the week (lol….so serious). However, the highlight of my week was feeling my precious baby girl kick! It is the most incredible and miraculous feeling! I am so grateful for her. Those kicks made me feel so much more connected to her. The best thing about finally feeling her kick is that she does it all the time now! Eeee!!! I love feeling her move around in my tummy. Some of my students also got the chance to feel her kick. Oh, the excitement they had when they felt baby J. ❤ #goodmoments

This week was the slowest week of work YET, but it ended with a day at the park. Upper and lower elementary students got to spend most of the day at our local park playing games, running around, and enjoying a glimpse of what summer has to offer. Unfortunately, that morning wasn’t so great for me. It started just fine, but on my way to work, I noticed that I had a flat tire. This was totally unexpected since we had just purchased this tire the previous day. For some reason, I didn’t check the tires before I drove off (even though this same tire looked flat the day husband bought them) and I didn’t realize it was flat until I had driven a half mile away from my house. Darn. This had to happen the one day I was going to be EARLY for work for the first time in weeks (lol)! Well, life happens. God perfectly provided help within the next half hour of me contacting my in-laws for help. AAA came to the rescue, changed my tire, gave me a jump (because my battery stinks), and I headed to the park with the school. [SIDENOTE: I’m grateful for how calm I was during this flat tire episode. Normally, I’d be freaking out or worrying for no reason. The Lord is working on me yall!!]

Being at the park was nice. Despite a few behavior problems, it was so fun to see the kids play and have fun. I was in charge of the Three-Legged-Race. Classes would come to me, partner up, listen to the rules, get tied up, and have at it! They did so well!! Everything about this race was fun except for the involuntary squats I ended up doing (my thighs are feeling it today!!). I blindly chose to tie the rope around each team’s ankle before the race instead of figuring out another method. We had four teams for each round….for 15-minute rotations….which meant students in smaller classes raced several times in one rotation. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say that I had to do this at least 40 times. There was a point when I thought “I’m going to feel this tomorrow,” and here I am..walking like a pregnant lady…and not because I am actually pregnant! Despite the pain I am feeling today, I am grateful for another day and very grateful that the school year is over. It was a rough one but a good one. Here’s to a great summer ahead! *Cheers*

I am really looking forward to preparing for baby J this summer. I need to make up her nursery area, plan a shower, read more books, pray for her more, get books for her, and so much more. I also need to prepare for my natural homebirth that I am planning. Praying that all goes well and baby J will be delivered safely in our home. There is so much to anticipate, yet so much that is out of my control. I am trusting the Lord for His perfect work in my life and a smooth summer. In Jesus’ name.

Stay tuned for summer fun updates right here on the blog!

Peace!! ❤


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