It’s been a little over a month since I’ve created a post on here.

“Why so long, Jaz?”

Well, I’ve been busy…though that isn’t an excuse to not work on my craft and update my peeps.

The day after my last post, I participated in a two-week women’s discipleship program that changed my life. My mother-in-law puts this program on every year. Last year I could only participate part-time. This year I got to be apart of it full-time….and it was amazing!!!

It was so humbling being around and learning from such godly women. Through the program, I learned how to study the Bible better, how to offer help, how to pray better, and just how to take my Christian life as serious as it truly is.

God has placed urgency in my heart for studying His word, prayer, and not being ashamed of the gospel. I’m so humbled and awake!

After the program ended, it seemed like I had a long list of things to do…every day (managing a household and all)! Next thing you know, I look up and a month has passed. This is a testament of how quickly time flies and that we shouldn’t waste it. Anywho, I am ready to jump back in the saddle and write more often.

There are so many things that I want to share with you all. For example, God has been answering my prayers left and right and that is such a huge testimony!! It has humbled me and increased my faith in Him. He’s so perfect. He is a prayer-answering God!

I also want to give you updates on God’s perfect provision for our family and others we pray for. Aaannnnddd the little one growing inside of me! I’d like to let you guys know about things like my first big “the baby doesn’t like this” puke. I had one yesterday. It was horrible! But, I felt better after. No more Taco Bell for this chick. Baby says “nah son!”

Well, enough of my scattered thoughts. I shall be going now. I have homework to complete for bible study. I hope to publish another post this week or next though.

Until next time bloggers & readers šŸ™‚
Stay encouraged and connected. Thanks for reading!

God Bless!

Summa tyme


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  1. So funny that your baby didn’t like the taco bell. This baby I’m carrying isn’t a fan either. Which is weird because i really loved TB with my other 2 kids.

    The discipleship program sounds amazing!! I’m so happy that you came away from it feeling revived and pumped. šŸ™‚


    1. Bjorliespeaks says:

      The weird thing is that I ate it earlier in my pregnancy, and it was the exact same thing haha. Idk what her deal is.

      Thank you šŸ˜Š

      Liked by 1 person

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