Short Testimony/Encouragement

I love my husband!

I love how he is so patient and gracious with me. He treats me like I am the Queen of the world! He loves me so well, despite when I have crazy moments…which is often.

I love how my husband supports my dreams and passions! He encourages me in them, even when I don’t feel confident to pursue them.

That’s how you want your person to be…

You don’t want someone in your life who constantly belittles you and what you care about. You shouldn’t feel bad about certain visions or dreams that God gave you. How dare you not walk in what the Lord has given you because your significant other opposes!! Don’t disrespect God or yourself like that.

I had a past relationship where this was the case. I felt so stupid most of the time. I felt that my concerns, passions, and dreams were illegitimate. Since I thought this guy was for me, I settled. I thought “Maybe he’s right. Maybe this is stupid.” Oh you silly girl…if I had only had the guts to be myself back then…

I was so afraid to be myself…to walk in where God was leading me…

BUT…….The Lord is good, isn’t He?

He handled that situation graciously for me. He got me out of it and He reminded me of how special I am to Him. He brought back those passions and dreams of mine to the forefront of my mind and allowed me to meet someone whose passions and dreams were almost identical! What a joy it is to geek out with my husband about things we love to geek out about! It brings tears to my eyes to know that the Lord cares so much about us that He places special passions and dreams within us and THEN allows us to marry someone who supports and encourages us in those!! All for His glory! What a good God…

Settling is one of the most dangerous things we can do to ourselves. Never settle for someone who doesn’t embrace the WHOLE person that you are. Never be okay with someone saying that your dreams, goals, and passions don’t matter as much as theirs, or at all. You matter. Every aspect of you matters.

Just a little encouragement that was inspired by a wonderful conversation with a dear friend. This encouraged me and reminded me of how God looks out for us, and how we need to listen when He is throwing red flags in our faces. God doesn’t want us to be destroyed. He wants us to prosper in many ways, ESPECIALLY spiritually.

Thanks for reading!

Hubby and Me


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